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Shalom and welcome to Guide to a Happy Life.

Just like the movie The Matrix, this site offers you one of two pills: The blue pill – you learn the truth and it sets you free and you understand exactly what the enemy is up to, or you take the red pill and you stay assimilated into the world and nothing happens, you go through the rest of your life unhappy and miserable and you may even miss out on the most beautiful words G-d will ever speak to you when you stand before Him: Well done good and faithful servant.

Upcoming events: I will soon be adding my first teaching on YouTube under pchalmersmoore which will discuss the issues as to why some of us made bad decisions in life and Why we became what we became. This is a very informative, yet simple video that explains to us WHY?

The Your Guide to a Happy Life Workbook is being beta tested with some very positive results. There is no charge for this nine chapter course, if you would like to have the chapters emailed to you once a week I will see that it is done for you. Please sign up. I share your information with no one. There are no strings attached; I just want to see you happy in G-d.

Disclaimer: If you want the truth about G-d there may be some articles that seem offensive to some believers. The articles on this site reflect what G-d has wanted to tell His people for many years, and if you want to make your life right with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob you have come to the right place!

Video of the WeekClick Here to watch a very interesting video on sexual ‘bonding’ and why it is so important to abstain from sexual intimacy until marriage.

Click here to watch a very short, but moving video about a Jewish girl and a German boy.

Other Videos: This is a must view: Click here to watch a video that will change your life. In watching this video you will see where the enemy has his stamp all over many of the things we came to believe concerning Christmas and Easter. The video is approximately an hour long. Refusal to watch this video could cost you your salvation.Please make the time to watch it.

Another must see video: Click here to watch. 

Christian “Wild Bill” video on the Israeli Heart

The link below takes you to a 3½ minute video titled, “The Israeli Heart”, presenting the views of “Wild Bill”, a 54 year old retired deputy U.S. marshal and local law enforcement officer who lives in Daytona, Florida.  He is most likely a “tea party” member and conservative Christian who has an interesting view point on Israel. Well worth spending the 3½ minutes to watch it. Don’t pre-judge this “good ole boy” from the initial still photo. Click here to watch the video.
Parashah of the Week: Day 1 (Sunday)August 28,2011 – Shabbat September 3, 2011 Shabbat starts at sundown on Day 6 (Friday)
Parashah 48: Shof’tim: (Judges) D’VARIM (Deuteronomy) 16:18-21:9 Haftarah Shof’tim: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 51:12-53:12 Apostolic Writings: Mattiyahu (Matthew) 5:38-42; 18:15-20; Acts 3:13-26; 7:35-53: 1 Corinthians 5:9-13; 1 Timothy 5:17-22; Messianic Jews (Hebrews) 10:28-31
Please read a portion of this Parashah every day. Get used to reading the bible in this manner; it will make you happy.
To enjoy many informative and life changing teachings I recommend going to click on technical help and download inspeak. It is a free program that will enable you to connect with many other Messianic believers in our chat room. There is no spyware or malware associated with this site. You can find me on there at different times of the day under the nic, Sha’ul ben Avram. CTOMC stands for Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations. We are a rapidly growing organization that places emphasis on Torah for all.
May Adonai bless you and keep you. May Adonai make His face shine on you and show you His favor. May Adonai lift up His face toward you and give you peace. A true Shalom that will last a lifetime. G-d Bless you. Paul.

The Christian Holocaust

The Christian Holocaust is something that is very widespread. There are many Christian believers who may even deny its existence. The enemy has twisted our belief system. There are no moral absolutes anymore. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes. We think we can continue to sin to and never have to answer for our actions. Consider the following:  

The abortion rates among professing Christians are commensurate with the rest of the population!

Approx. 560,000 for Protestants (43%)

Approx. 350,000 per year for Catholics (27%)

13% of abortions (approx. 170,000 per year) are performed on self-described “Born Again” or Evangelical Christians (Alan Guttmacher Institute and Physicians for Reproductive Choice, “An Overview of Abortion in the United States,” 2003 and 2008) 

Upon viewing these stats we see that the enemy has been keeping his promises to steal from us, destroy us and kill us. The Christian Holocaust concerns those infants who have lost their lives because they were unwanted. They were brutally murdered in the womb and the enemy destroyed their mothers. Does G-d like this? Does He condone the practice of murdering a human life just because they are unwanted by the mother or father or both? If a person, albeit an embryo or developing infant, or any other people group is deemed unwanted should we kill them?

We will have a lot to be responsible for when we stand before G-d. Something is wrong with our relationship with G-d. We don’t speak out against those things the enemy is bombarding us with. Many of us are guilty of living an apathetic life and we’re completely oblivious to what is going on around us. It seems like many of us don’t care or just can’t be bothered. “Let someone else do it.” “I’m not my brother’s keeper.”

First they said it was OK to be gay, and we did not speak out, but we accepted the gay lifestyle and now it is taught in our schools.

Then they said that saying prayers in school was offensive so they took prayer out of school and we accepted it.

Then they said it was OK to abort our children and now abortions are performed on infants up to and including birth and many of us still don’t do or say anything.

Then they said it was OK for a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman, again we didn’t say anything because we weren’t gay.

Then they started promoting their new age philosophy and we accepted it and did not say anything because it was just another religion. Now the new age teachings are in our children’s movies, storybooks, toys and are also taught in our schools.

Then they said it was OK to legalize certain illegal drugs, again, we stuck our heads in the sand. And now we have crack cocaine. Look at the following quote by Martin Niemoller who survived World War II:

200x Products for Progressives, with rose

So, what do we do? Where will all this end? G-d is soon going to put His foot down and when He does, we may all be in trouble. We have to speak out against the wrong in our society. The Christian Holocaust affects all of us. We need to clean our own closet then start speaking out about those things that the enemy is imposing on us and our children. If we don’t take a stand we will suffer alone. The unborn can’t speak out for themselves. Our children need us to protect them. Here is an excerpt from Proverbs Chapter 24:11-12

Yes, rescue those being dragged off to death, won’t you save those about to be killed? If you say, “We knew nothing about it,” won’t He who weighs the hearts discern it? Yes, He who guards you will know it and repay each one as his deeds deserve.

G-d is stirring the hearts of some believers, but because of our addictions and besetting sin the process is very slow. Our brothers and sisters in the womb are our next generation of doctors, nurses, engineers, athletes, musicians, world leaders, and many more wonderful and beautiful people groups.

Please don’t let a doctor or abortionist take the life of your baby. Please, I ask you, beg you, to spare the life of that little embryo in your womb. G-d is knitting him or her together. There are so many people who would love to take care of your baby if you want to give the child up. Giving your child up for adoption is the real solution, and not having a doctor take away that helpless life inside you. If you are feeling afraid or scared please contact and we can talk. G-d Bless you. Paul.

Dancing With The Father

I was listening to Shania Twain’s songStill the one I love at around 3:45 am in the morning several days ago. I was really enjoying the song and my mind was on the Father. We have been together for twenty seven years, and He has done so much for me in the past six months that it totally outshines the previous time I spent with Him.

I was rocking on my new recliner thinking about Him when He did the strangest thing. He asked me if I would like to dance with Him. I said to Him, “Dad you want me to dance with you? Isn’t that kind of weird?” I got up from my chair and put my right hand out and ‘pretended’ to hold His left hand and then I put my right arm around Him and we started waltzing. Now I am a Caucasian and I don’t have a clue as to how to dance.

We were about one minute into the song when He took the lead! He had me swaying to the music, dipping me up and dipping me down. The Father can really dance!! I danced with Him for two times through the song and then my hip started to get sore; I’m forty-eight and I don’t have the stamina to keep up with Him.

The most amazing thing was that both of my hands felt pressure on them. He was truly holding me and dancing with me; it was exhilarating! The next night we waltzed then on the third night I went to put the song on the computer when He said to me, “Don’t turn it on Paul, I want to dance and sing to you.” He sang to me while I ‘held’ on to Him. It was so beautiful. I actually wrote about a scene like this in my story Nathan and Abba which is also on the site.

I never knew that He would ever want to dance as I thought He is so holy but now I realize the Father is a hoot! He has such a wonderful sense of humor and is looking for someone, anyone, to spend time with Him. He has shown me how lonely He is for those who are His, yet have never taken the time to fall in love with Him. And that is what I am doing; I am falling in love with my Father in Heaven, and He is beginning to show me a very different side of Him.

In times past He could only talk to me in a few words because I would get so excited. I usually get a little proud when He starts doing these things with me. My head swells and in comes prIde, but He is faithful and He humbles me under his righteous right hand. G-d chastises those He loves. So, if we are going through a great deal of issues, we can rest assure He is allowing these trials to mature us. G-d needs believers, new converts and  mature believers who are willing to reach this world for Him.

I’m sharing this event which happened recently to encourage us that G-d is indeed alive, and wants to ‘play’ with His children. He loves to dance with us, play with us, encourage us, and bring to remembrance His commands so we can have fun. If you’re looking for fun get hooked up with Him; He will have you (ROFLOL) and in the moment  you blink He will open up a whole new world for you. God Bless you. Paul.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Church or Congregation

  1. Bigger is not necessarily better. Although big Churches may have excellent programs, praise and worship, and other things, they tend to let people fall through the cracks. People come into the Church; get fired up, yet because there is no one to disciple them they leave weeks, or months later. Big Churches aren’t set up for retention, and many people leave because of lack of personal interest in their lives, either from leadership, or other members. It’s better to find a small Church where everyone gets to know you by name. You will also be more accountable to a smaller congregation than a large congregation where the people may never get to know you.
  2. If the Pastor, or leader isn’t confronting sin, but preaches or teaches things to tickle our ears: prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, or other non-working beliefs, then don’t go there. Many Christian adults and teenagers are caught in addictions and need help. Speaking to your wallet or bank account saying, “Money cometh to you!” is not the way to get the healing you need. It will never come. If we are caught in addictions, more money means more money to spend on our addictions. We don’t need more money, we need a relationship with God.
  3. If we call it ‘Organized Religion’ then our service should have an element of organization. The problem is that in many congregations God is restricted in moving because of the order of the service. I’ve seen bulletins that outlay the whole service from start to finish, with no room for God to move. I’ve seen up to 18 parts of the service listed in the bulletin from opening prayer, doxology, prayer before message, prayer after message, praise and worship time, childrens service, etc. There is no freedom for God to move; we’ve put Him in a box.
  4. There is no follow up with new converts. They are handed a pocket Gospel of John, and sent on their merry way. There is no discipleship in most Churches. Bible studies are usually not pertinent to a hurting person who has just come into the flock. Truly, God won’t trust His new born babes to faulty incubators. This is the reason why there is very little ‘fresh blood’ in Churches. It’s the converted speaking to the converted. Find a Church where they put new converts in high priority.
  1. If you go to a Church and they talk incessantly about tithing, and other issues with giving money, take it as a red flag. Out of the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart. I’m not against people paying their tithes, or offerings, but I have been in a Church where the senior Pastor would give a mini sermon on giving and money every week just before the offering. This may pad the Church’s bank account, but it spiritually bankrupts the congregation members.
  2. If the leader is involved in pornography, or sexual immorality you will NOT grow under their ministry. They are blind guides, and they will lead you into a pit. You have every right to ask a Church leader if they are involved in anything that is sexually immoral, or are involved in pornography. Watch the way they answer, and if their answer raises a red flag, be sure to avoid them, and their Congregation.
  3. When at the Church, watch how the leader’s family behaves. Is the Pastor’s wife rude to the Pastor in front of the congregants? Are their children well behaved? Do you sense genuine love from them? Do they show an interest in you and your family? Do they express a willingness to help you and your family? It is EXTREMELY important to test the spirits. Not every minister has your best interest at heart, watch carefully how they behave and conduct their affairs with you and other members.

Many Churches have a ‘dark’ side to them. I have heard of stories of Pastor’s committing adultery with their flock, children being sexually abused, and the list sadly goes on and on. Not everyone who says they are a Christian are Christian, and that includes Church leaders. Take the time to get to know the Pastor and his family. When you pray to God, do what He tells you to do, and listen to that still small voice of His. Remember if you haven’t grown in the past year it may be because of the failure of your Church, or Congregation to meet the needs of you and your family. It may be time to move on.

Incidentally, I have found that once I left a congregation I was never contacted by anyone there ever again. They totally ostracized me, and wrote me off. If this happens to you, you can rest assure that you were in the wrong place. Any decent Pastor should be willing to support you as you transition to another congregation. If they get angry with you or your family for leaving, or try manipulation, then be nice to them, but avoid them, and sever all contact with them. They do not have your best interests at heart.

I can’t stress enough the importance of testing the spirits. Do not go headlong into a Church because it makes you ‘feel’ good. The Kingdom of God is not based on our feelings. Feelings come and go, but it’s more important to have solid teaching than the ‘butterfly’ feelings that come with some Congregations.

Don’t be looking for signs and wonders. The children of Israel walked between two heaped up walls of water, and in a very short time later made a golden calf and worshipped it. Don’t seek the sign, seek the Giver of the sign.

Watch for my discipleship course I will be starting up later next month. It will cost 18 dollars a month which comes to less than sixty cents a day, less than a cup of coffee. It will run for twelve months. In it I will teach you how to have a right relationship with God, and come to the place where you actually start to have fun with God. That’s right. Fun! God Bless you, and have a super week.

Straight Talk on Addictions

If you have ever had an addiction you know what it’s like to be under its control. The addiction dictates to us, where, how, and what time we will act out. In the beginning an addiction beckons to us with a very devout promise: If you let me in your life I will make you happy, and I will take away all of your pain.

It may start off slowly, and it catches us unaware, it creeps up on us like a lion to a gazelle, but once it gets us in its clutches it will tear the life out of us.

For those of us who have addictions I will tell y0u that the solution to the problem is very simple: We are unhappy people who use addictions to make us happy, but it never works, as it just adds to the unhappiness. We get stuck in a cycle of looking for our fix, getting our fix, coming off the fix, and then looking for another one. We may say to ourselves, “This is the last time, I’m sick and tired of doing this stuff, and I’m going to stop!” Sadly, for most of us, we never follow through, why? It’s because nothing has changed to make us happy. We’re miserable in our addictions, so why would we want to change. If we gave up the temporary relief of the addiction we believe we would then have nothing, and that would be UNBEARABLE.

So what has to happen is that we have to make better decisions which will affect our happiness. If we could be happy without the addiction, then why would we need it? Right? The question remains then, how do we get happy? We’ll it doesn’t come from drinking, drugs, gambling, pornography, or any other one of our addictions. It involves making peace with our Creator. He is the only One who can make us happy, and He can break an addiction as quickly as it takes a thought to cross our mind.

Some people are under the mindset that we have to get all our ducks in a row before we go to God. The irony of that belief is that God knows everything about us, warts and all, and wants us to come to Him for healing, peace, and deliverance from our addictions. If I told you that for  5000.00 I could set you free from any addiction you would most likely pay it, but God does it for free. He doesn’t expect anything from us, talk about a kind person. He loves us so much that He understands exactly where we are, and is willing, if we let Him, to heal our pain, make us happy, and get rid of every addiction we have, every last one of them!

To date I have been free from the addiction I had for over five years. God also helped me to lose twenty four pounds since last August, he helped me bring my blood sugars down to 5.5 for the past three months. He showed me how to reduce my cholesterol, and I reduced it by one point so far, and that is in just a little over two months, and that is with no prescription medication.

I am very happy! I don’t have any addictions, and I absolutely love my life! I was talking to God the other night, and I told Him, “Abba I know that you are really blessing me, but I think at some point I will ask you to stop, because I can’t keep up with everything you’re blessing me with.” Yes, right now He is blessing me financially, spiritually, and materially.

This all started about six months ago when I started to spend fifteen minutes a day with Him. I found that as I started to give Him the time of day, He started to give me the time of day. Jesus said, “Seek first His Kingdom, and His righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you. The problem with many of us is that we want things from the hand of God, instead of a loving relationship with Him. We seek His pocketbook instead of His face. This really hurts Him. Think about it, if a friend only came around on your payday to get what they could from you, and dumped you until the next time you were paid, how would you feel? That is how God feels. He wants to bless us, but all we want is the blessings, and to hell with Him.

I’m not trying to criticize, judge, or condemn anyone, but we’ve got it all wrong. We’ve put the cart before the horse. Yes, God delights in the prosperity of His servants, but those are the servants who have a loving, vibrant relationship with Him. It’s out of that relationship with Him that everything comes together. I don’t care about the money, or the things He gives to me; it’s Him I want. He’s so funny, loving, off the wall, and a downright interesting person. If you are willing to take one small, tiny, minuscule baby step towards him He will take 10000000000+++ giant steps towards you. Why? Because He truly loves you, and wants His highest and best for you.

If you have an addiction talk to Him about it, brainstorm with Him about how you can overcome it. Do something different with Him, talk to Him for a few minutes, tell Him your favorite joke, even though He knows the punch line He  will laugh with you. He knows everyone of your hurts, and will heal them ALL, if you let Him. I encourage you to start a fun relationship with Him. Yes, fun. God wants us to have fun with Him every day. I’m having more fun with Him than I ever had with anyone else. Once you are having fun with God EVERY addiction He will remove. I wish you all the best with this. I am not talking a theory here, this is a true experience with my Maker. He works!!!!

10 Reasons Why God Will Say No

Have you ever really wondered about your life,  what will happen after you take your last breath? There are people slipping away into eternity as I am writing this, and they will wake up to hear God say, “No, you can’t come into my kingdom.” The prospects after Him saying that don’t look too good for us. Let’s look at ten reasons why God will say no to us:

1) We never took the time to fall in love with Him. It’s going to be pretty hard to persuade Him that we love Him when we never took a single minute to get to know Him. Busy, busy, busy, time for this, and time for that, but no time for Him.

2) We had multiple masters, that is: addictions, greed, lust, over-eating (our stomach was more important than our relationship with God), our jobs were more important than Him, etc.

3) We disobeyed His commands. Do we think God told us not to commit adultery, lie, steal, murder, covet… because He thought we couldn’t keep these commands?  We cared nothing for keeping His commands, and Jesus said, if you love me you will keep my commands. So, by not keeping God’s commands, we show him no love, and this is grounds for Him to say, “No.”

4) We didn’t keep the Torah of God. That’s right, Jesus did n0t nail the Torah to the cross, as some people believe. The Law or Book of Instructions is pertinent, and up to date, both now, and in the future. “Not one jot, or one tittle,….”  Many believers don’t care  about what God says in His Torah. They are New Testament believers only. This attitude grieves the heart of God which will make Him say, “Depart from me you workers of lawlessness, or working without Torah,…I never knew you.”

5) We profaned God’s Holy days. I’m not talking about man’s holidays, like Christmas and Easter which are not once mentioned by Jesus to observe. I’m talking about working on the Sabbath, not observing Yom Kippur, not observing the Feast of Tabernacles or the Passover. These Holy Days were meant to be observed perpetually. By not obeying His commands to observe these Holy days, He will say, “No.”

6) We didn’t help those less fortunate than ourselves, and we kept our money and possessions for own use, and we didn’t share our resources with others. We didn’t help the hungry, the thirsty, clothe the naked, take in a stranger, take care of the sick or  visit the prisoners. For failing to do these things, Jesus said he would cast us into hell.

7) We started out on the right track, but fell away and turned back because of hardship or persecution. Jesus talks about this in the parable of the sower. He mentions it in the tenth chapter of the book of Hebrews. “For there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins….

8 We died before our time because we didn’t obey His commands to avoid eating scavengers like pigs, lobsters, shrimp, squid, octopus, crabs, scallops, mussels, clams and the like. We became sick, died, and blamed  God saying that it must have  been His will. He told us in Leviticus chapter 11 not to eat such things, therefore we disobeyed His command to eat a Kosher diet, and again, He will say “No.”

9) We made Jesus (His real Hebrew name is Yeshua, which in English means Salvation) out to be a pork and shellfish eating, Christmas and Easter observing, Torah denying, Holy day defiling, long haired hippy, prosperity gospel honoring, and down right UN-Jewish Savior. For these things He will definitely say, “No.”

10) We honestly did not want anything to do with His chosen people the Jews. Hundreds of millions were killed in crusades and holocausts. They were denied access to Canada, The United States and Cuba during World War II. We erected signs on some of our beaches in certain cities that read, ‘No dogs or Jews.’ We’ve made fun of them, derided them, and basically wanted nothing to do with them. Martin Luther, who brought about the Protestant Reformation, grew to hate the Jews because they wanted nothing to do with his Jesus. Can we blame them? The Jews have won more Noble prizes than any other people group on the face of the earth. They have done more than any other people group to enhance the life of which we are living today. Yet they are hated by Islam, misunderstood  by Christians and ignored by many other people.  Truly for us turning our backs on His people God will definitely say, “No.”

What will make Him say yes, you may ask?

1) Take time out for Him every day, and get to know Him.

2) Get rid of any master that replaces Him-the love of money, food, lust , power, etc.

3) Obey ALL  of His commands, from Genesis to Revelation.

4) Keep Torah.

5) Observe and keep His Holy days; not man’s holidays.

6) Give our time, money and resources to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

7) DON’T give up on God.

8 Eat Kosher.

9) Get to know the True Savior. His name is Yeshua. Jesus is not His name; there is no ‘J’ in the Hebrew alphabet, and the name of Jesus has only been around for the last 500 years. Before that He was called Yeshua.

10) Take time to love a Jewish person. If we want a blessing from God, we need to love His people.

Where is the Discipleship?

I believe that some people in certain circles are not being discipled properly, and I noticed that there is no continuity in the information presented in the bible. If we have been hurt deeply before coming into an assembly; will a study help us with our hurts? Will it be hit or miss? Have we been good Bereans, and looked up what we are being told?

We’ve been commanded to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.  Have we done that?

What I have decided to do is this: to write a discipleship course that lasts for twelve months, and is priced at less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

If you come on board with me I will disciple you, and show you how to grow to maturity. It will require a minimal investment of twenty-five dollars a month, that’s about eighty two cents a day. Most of us spend that monthly amount in one day by going to eat out, or purchasing other items. This small investment will change your life forever.

You will be surprised, if not shocked, at how little we know about life, according to the bible. I will take you gently by the hand and show you how to have a productive, vibrant, happy, and prosperous life.

Watch this site for information on this up and coming course.

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