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If you are interested in having a true and genuine relationship with God please contact me on Facebook under Paul C Moore. God told me he is looking for you and wants to talk to you.

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Welcome to Guide to a Happy Life! My name is Paul Moore and I hope to be adding more content in the days ahead. I am a seasoned writer who has fifteen books and stories published on Amazon. You can click HERE to go to my Amazon Author page. I write a lot about how God brought me out of the Matrix of religion and into his marvelous light. If a person finds themselves going to a weekly meeting, regardless of which faith, that person is still in the Matrix. How does one get out of the Matrix? I share that process in several of my books and they are well written and go into depth as to how to have a deep and vibrant relationship with God.

I had a conversation with God one night and asked him the following question: God, how many children will there be in the New Jerusalem? He replied, “About three trillion” (300,000,000,000). I was curious and asked him how many adults would be there? He replied, “Less than three thousand,  about twenty-five hundred (2500). I asked why such a small number? He went on to tell me that wide is the road to destruction and many travel it. Narrow is the path that leads to life and few find it. I didn’t realize at the time how few that few really is. I describe some of the aspects of walking the narrow path in several of my books. This Boy Can’t Help It, Awakening Vs Revival, and The Wealthy Christian.

If you are searching, you might find God. If you stay in the status quo and fill your life with mediocrity, you will never find Him, nor will you ever see him. That’s why the walls of the New Jerusalem are fourteen hundred (1400) miles long, fourteen hundred miles wide, fourteen miles high and two hundred (200) feet thick. You might live for eternity, but you will never see God on his Holy throne, nor will you be admitted to the feast of the Lamb or sit with God in his glory. I explain why in the books I have written.

Bottom line: You will never have as good a life in the next life if you don’t prepare yourself in this life. You know if you are giving him lip service or really care about being a friend to him. If you don’t, you are deeper in the Matrix than you think.

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