The Christian Holocaust

The Christian Holocaust is something that is very widespread. There are many Christian believers who may even deny its existence. The enemy has twisted our belief system. There are no moral absolutes anymore. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes. We think we can continue to sin to and never have to answer for our actions. Consider the following:  

The abortion rates among professing Christians are commensurate with the rest of the population!

Approx. 560,000 for Protestants (43%)

Approx. 350,000 per year for Catholics (27%)

13% of abortions (approx. 170,000 per year) are performed on self-described “Born Again” or Evangelical Christians (Alan Guttmacher Institute and Physicians for Reproductive Choice, “An Overview of Abortion in the United States,” 2003 and 2008) 

Upon viewing these stats we see that the enemy has been keeping his promises to steal from us, destroy us and kill us. The Christian Holocaust concerns those infants who have lost their lives because they were unwanted. They were brutally murdered in the womb and the enemy destroyed their mothers. Does G-d like this? Does He condone the practice of murdering a human life just because they are unwanted by the mother or father or both? If a person, albeit an embryo or developing infant, or any other people group is deemed unwanted should we kill them?

We will have a lot to be responsible for when we stand before G-d. Something is wrong with our relationship with G-d. We don’t speak out against those things the enemy is bombarding us with. Many of us are guilty of living an apathetic life and we’re completely oblivious to what is going on around us. It seems like many of us don’t care or just can’t be bothered. “Let someone else do it.” “I’m not my brother’s keeper.”

First they said it was OK to be gay, and we did not speak out, but we accepted the gay lifestyle and now it is taught in our schools.

Then they said that saying prayers in school was offensive so they took prayer out of school and we accepted it.

Then they said it was OK to abort our children and now abortions are performed on infants up to and including birth and many of us still don’t do or say anything.

Then they said it was OK for a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman, again we didn’t say anything because we weren’t gay.

Then they started promoting their new age philosophy and we accepted it and did not say anything because it was just another religion. Now the new age teachings are in our children’s movies, storybooks, toys and are also taught in our schools.

Then they said it was OK to legalize certain illegal drugs, again, we stuck our heads in the sand. And now we have crack cocaine. Look at the following quote by Martin Niemoller who survived World War II:

200x Products for Progressives, with rose

So, what do we do? Where will all this end? G-d is soon going to put His foot down and when He does, we may all be in trouble. We have to speak out against the wrong in our society. The Christian Holocaust affects all of us. We need to clean our own closet then start speaking out about those things that the enemy is imposing on us and our children. If we don’t take a stand we will suffer alone. The unborn can’t speak out for themselves. Our children need us to protect them. Here is an excerpt from Proverbs Chapter 24:11-12

Yes, rescue those being dragged off to death, won’t you save those about to be killed? If you say, “We knew nothing about it,” won’t He who weighs the hearts discern it? Yes, He who guards you will know it and repay each one as his deeds deserve.

G-d is stirring the hearts of some believers, but because of our addictions and besetting sin the process is very slow. Our brothers and sisters in the womb are our next generation of doctors, nurses, engineers, athletes, musicians, world leaders, and many more wonderful and beautiful people groups.

Please don’t let a doctor or abortionist take the life of your baby. Please, I ask you, beg you, to spare the life of that little embryo in your womb. G-d is knitting him or her together. There are so many people who would love to take care of your baby if you want to give the child up. Giving your child up for adoption is the real solution, and not having a doctor take away that helpless life inside you. If you are feeling afraid or scared please contact and we can talk. G-d Bless you. Paul.


Shalom and Welcome!


Shalom and welcome to Guide to a Happy Life.

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Christian “Wild Bill” video on the Israeli Heart

The link below takes you to a 3½ minute video titled, “The Israeli Heart”, presenting the views of “Wild Bill”, a 54 year old retired deputy U.S. marshal and local law enforcement officer who lives in Daytona, Florida.  He is most likely a “tea party” member and conservative Christian who has an interesting view point on Israel. Well worth spending the 3½ minutes to watch it. Don’t pre-judge this “good ole boy” from the initial still photo. Click here to watch the video.
Parashah of the Week: Day 1 (Sunday)August 28,2011 – Shabbat September 3, 2011 Shabbat starts at sundown on Day 6 (Friday)
Parashah 48: Shof’tim: (Judges) D’VARIM (Deuteronomy) 16:18-21:9 Haftarah Shof’tim: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 51:12-53:12 Apostolic Writings: Mattiyahu (Matthew) 5:38-42; 18:15-20; Acts 3:13-26; 7:35-53: 1 Corinthians 5:9-13; 1 Timothy 5:17-22; Messianic Jews (Hebrews) 10:28-31
Please read a portion of this Parashah every day. Get used to reading the bible in this manner; it will make you happy.
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May Adonai bless you and keep you. May Adonai make His face shine on you and show you His favor. May Adonai lift up His face toward you and give you peace. A true Shalom that will last a lifetime. G-d Bless you. Paul.

Dancing With The Father

I was listening to Shania Twain’s songStill the one I love at around 3:45 am in the morning several days ago. I was really enjoying the song and my mind was on the Father. We have been together for twenty seven years, and He has done so much for me in the past six months that it totally outshines the previous time I spent with Him.

I was rocking on my new recliner thinking about Him when He did the strangest thing. He asked me if I would like to dance with Him. I said to Him, “Dad you want me to dance with you? Isn’t that kind of weird?” I got up from my chair and put my right hand out and ‘pretended’ to hold His left hand and then I put my right arm around Him and we started waltzing. Now I am a Caucasian and I don’t have a clue as to how to dance.

We were about one minute into the song when He took the lead! He had me swaying to the music, dipping me up and dipping me down. The Father can really dance!! I danced with Him for two times through the song and then my hip started to get sore; I’m forty-eight and I don’t have the stamina to keep up with Him.

The most amazing thing was that both of my hands felt pressure on them. He was truly holding me and dancing with me; it was exhilarating! The next night we waltzed then on the third night I went to put the song on the computer when He said to me, “Don’t turn it on Paul, I want to dance and sing to you.” He sang to me while I ‘held’ on to Him. It was so beautiful. I actually wrote about a scene like this in my story Nathan and Abba which is also on the site.

I never knew that He would ever want to dance as I thought He is so holy but now I realize the Father is a hoot! He has such a wonderful sense of humor and is looking for someone, anyone, to spend time with Him. He has shown me how lonely He is for those who are His, yet have never taken the time to fall in love with Him. And that is what I am doing; I am falling in love with my Father in Heaven, and He is beginning to show me a very different side of Him.

In times past He could only talk to me in a few words because I would get so excited. I usually get a little proud when He starts doing these things with me. My head swells and in comes prIde, but He is faithful and He humbles me under his righteous right hand. G-d chastises those He loves. So, if we are going through a great deal of issues, we can rest assure He is allowing these trials to mature us. G-d needs believers, new converts and  mature believers who are willing to reach this world for Him.

I’m sharing this event which happened recently to encourage us that G-d is indeed alive, and wants to ‘play’ with His children. He loves to dance with us, play with us, encourage us, and bring to remembrance His commands so we can have fun. If you’re looking for fun get hooked up with Him; He will have you (ROFLOL) and in the moment  you blink He will open up a whole new world for you. God Bless you. Paul.