The Fatherless Generation

The generation we are living in is known as the Fatherless Generation. For many of us, our fathers didn’t have the time for us, and may have abused us to the point where we developed addictions, and other dysfunctional behaviors. The treatment of our  fathers ingrained in us deep seated resentments, bitternesses, and unforgiveness. The hurt from the past comes to haunt our present, and our future. How do we escape the hurt? Is there anyone we can turn to to trust? Is there anyone who loves us?

Very few people know what love is, and for many, “I love you” is used for manipulation to get what we want, be it sex, money, status, or other things. We search for this love because we are trying to escape the hurts incurred from our formative years with our dads. The drug, porn, gambling, and alcohol industries are making money hand over fist because of the poor relationships we had with our fathers. We use these vices to numb the pain, but it never works.

We wanted intimacy with our dads, but never received it, so now we look for it in other places; in the dark side of humanity. It’s in the darkness that we carry out our deeds; continually looking for something better to fill the aching gap in our souls, yet never being satisfied. The alcoholic is always looking for another drink, the drug addict, for another high, the porn addict, for another image, and the gambler, for another bet.

It’s never too late to make the necessary changes to bring healing into our lives. When the process of healing is completed we will find we have more peace, contentment, prosperity, and better emotional, mental, and physical health. These things are achievable, once we decide that enough is enough, and we’re not going to settle for second best anymore. We have the ability to change, and it starts with our attitude: We have to adopt an attitude that makes us willing to learn new things, and be taught by anyone, or anything.

Though our dads may have damaged our past, and affected our present we look to the future as being the best days ahead of us. Yes, dad may have been cruel to us, but we are not going to be cruel to us. We will love ourselves, encourage ourselves, and discipline ourselves to do great things we never thought we could do. Whether our father is living, or has passed away, keep in mind that we can, and will become a successful person.  * Adapted from The Hurting Person’s Guide to a Happy Life, by Paul Moore. This soon to be released workbook is concise and to the point, and will help us to become happier people. Watch this site for more details.




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