Have you ever wondered why some people go farther in life than others? Is it because of upbringing, is it because of missed opportunities, or does it involve something greater. For me I found that things started coming together for me after I changed my attitude. It wasn’t until I changed my attitude that things began to come around for me. Here are three things that can happen when a person changes their attitude:

Prosperity – Good things come to people with a good attitude: Money, health, stability, security, open mindedness, peace, all needs met, and a sense that all is well. Opportunities present themselves, and we seize the opportunity.

Living in the current of life – Life is far from standing still, and we are in the center of motion. It’s like a rushing stream or river, we are right in the middle of the current. There are those on the side of the river where it pools, bacteria and other deadly attitudes can be found there, but in the middle of the stream we can drink of it and not be harmed. That’s where we find momentum, in the middle of the stream of life.

We never give up – People with a good attitude don’t give up. The world around us could be falling apart, but our integrity, dignity, self esteem, and self worth maintain us. We aren’t easily intimidated, and we know what we want, and go after it. Can’t is not in our vocabulary, and our word is as good as a lawyer’s contract. We have sweet sleep, and our families are happy, and content. Our children seek good careers, are obedient to parents, and peace reigns in the home. We assume responsibility for our actions, and deeds.

So we see that with a good attitude, good things come our way. It’s imperative to avoid negative attitudes, as we will be brought down to into a mediocre life that produces nothing but hardship and pain. Changing our attitude is the greatest thing we can do to create happiness, prosperity, and peace for ourselves. If we are unwilling to change our attitude we may never realize the life we could have had. It starts with attitude. *Taken from The Hurting Person’s Guide to a Happy Life, Chapter 1.


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