The Gift of Encouragement

In my early years I seldom received a kind word from my family, and as a result of my conditioning I became  a negative, pessimistic, and critical person.  It very easy to give a critical word to someone, but now I find it a privilege, and honor to encourage someone. Let’s look at what encouragement does for someone:

1) When I’m encouraged I feel good about myself. I feel like a worthy person; that I’ve done something good. It makes me happy to get encouragement from friends and others.

2) When I encourage my friends I notice that they respond in a way that brings us closer together. They appreciate my kind, and sincere words that come from my heart. Love grows where there is encouragement.

3) Encouragement could save a person from doing something desperately wrong in their lives. They may be contemplating taking their life, or just feel like giving up. An encouraging word from a friend or stranger could turn things around for the better.

4) Encouragement gives life, it’s positive, and it satisfies our souls better than a good meal.  The benefits from encouraging someone are more numerous than the stars in the sky. With encouragement we can accomplish the most difficult tasks.

5) Finally, Encouragement provides the environment for growth, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. It fosters so many good, and healthy responses in our life.

Take the time to encourage someone today. Give them a kind word. It could be a compliment, or something as simple as a pat on the back. Take care of yourself, you’re all you’ve got.


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